Top 3 reasons people buy from Magic Software

I’m often asked by prospective users why people chose Magic Software over alternative solutions available on the market. Of course, each user scenario is different and selecting the right technology to best meet both business and commercial requirements is an intricate decision making process. However, in my plus 10 years with Magic Software I have found there are three principal reasons companies chose Magic Software as their software solution provider of choice.

Over 20 Years Experience

Magic Software has over 20 years experience delivering business application and integration solutions. Over the years, Magic Software has come to be recognised by businesses and analysts around the globe as a leading innovator in the application platform, and business and process integration market. Today Magic Software has thousands of customers in more than 60 countries that deploy its core technology in their applications. Magic Software have also developed solid partnerships with global IT leaders such as, SAP, IBM and Oracle, and have a global channel network of ISVs, system integrators, value added distributors and resellers as well as consulting and OEM partners.

This video is an excellent example of Magic Software’s Global Business.

Code-Free Approach

Magic Software was one of the first vendors to deliver code-free business software solutions. Magic Software’s code-free,automated approach eliminates repetitive tasks and enables the rapid achievement of business goals, assuring on-time; risk-free deployment. The speed at which you can implement, change and maintain Magic Software based systems is second to none and is well proven over the past 20 years. Magic Software solutions hide complexity and facilitate change, thus dramatically improving productivity, time-to-market and ROI, and facilitate greater competitiveness and profitability for companies of all sizes.

Business-Optimized Focus

Magic Software’s ethos is business first. Consequently, Magic Software’s solutions are designed to solve the specific business pains of customers, empowering both business designers and programmers. Magic Software develop products that target business oriented developers, system analysts and architects, thus reducing the technical skill levels required to use the products to an absolute minimum. Magic Software’s tool set helps you to leverage Service Oriented Architecture into your environment with minimal efforts, introducing services, composite applications and service orchestration.