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Enterprise Social Media, And Why We Just Don’t Get It

Disrupting the thought process

Enterprise social media is currently one of the most hyped technologies in business, which has led to a wide range of companies and organisations jumping on the bandwagon but also to a lot of denial of the disruption it brings to the enterprise. Today I want to take away the hype and seriously look at where the true value of enterprise social media lies, and why it is disruptive in ways that many organisations haven’t really understood yet.

Social media – never mind the enterprise flavour – is actually widely miscommunicated, even by its biggest proponents: social media, just like …

Integrating SAP R/3 and Salesforce.com made easy

So you have your SAP and your Salesforce.com estates all lined up exactly how you want them, now how do you get those two applications to talk to each other and work together to optimise your business performance? This is the problem a huge number of customers are coming to us with, and this blog will run through the fundamentals of integrating SAP and Salesforce.com in the hope that we can help lighten the burden and show that this is not an impossible task.

Although both the SAP R/3 and Salesforce.com solutions provide excellent service for the enterprise and are …

Why move my applications to the Cloud?

So your CEO has been to one of the hundreds of Cloud events that have been held so far this year, or has read the recent BBC article “Cloud Computing- how to get you business ready” and is now full of the idea that Cloud is the way forward and that the company needs to move to the Cloud as soon as possible. So the CEO has laid down the challenge get us to the cloud fast, but what now?

Obviously you are familiar with the Cloud and have read hundreds of articles around what cloud is BUT where do …

Mobilise your SAP

Magic Software UK has been working with an established SAP partner community for some time, all of whom have been using iBOLT to help integrate and extend the functionality of SAP Business One, All-in-One and R3 ERP. With pre-built adapters and native API links to SAP, iBOLT is the perfect, out-of-the-box integration solution to help extend SAP and integrate it across organisations. iBOLT for SAP is commonly used to link external back office systems, automate business processes, update CRM data, automate eCommerce payments and stock control, as well as much more. However, what is new is the added functionality of …

Astadia to Partner with Magic Software

At last week’s Cloudforce 2 Europe event Magic Software UK and Astadia announced plans to form a partnership, which I’m personally very pleased about.

Astadia is one of the leading Salesforce.com implementation
partners, so by working together we can improve the entire experience for Salesforce.com customers, helping them to rapidly and easily integrate their Salesforce.com product with their existing on-premise and on-demand applications. Our
first joint project has already been signed, and we have already begun work on a number of other ones.

iBOLT SE for Salesforce.com has grown in interest and momentum over the last 18 months, as Salesforce …

Magic Software UK Christmas Newsletter is Here!

Welcome to Magic UK’s last newsletter for 2009 – The Christmas edition of the Magic Software UK quarterly newsletter.
This year has been a particularly challenging one, with many economic adversities for us all to overcome. It’s also been one of the most exciting years I can remember. 2009 has seen many advances in the IT industry with the rise of Cloud-based computing and the innovation and change this is bringing to the way we work, socialise and communicate with those around us. Magic Software has been at the forefront of this innovation with the developments in uniPaaS Cloud and …

Businesses need a balanced approach to mobile strategies – As featured in the FT.com – 16/11/09

I was asked recently to comment on mobile application technologies and the Cloud for the Financial Times.com, and I wanted to share the article with you. Below is a small snippet, if you’d like to read the whole article – visit

“…Today, a corporate Mobile Application Strategy needs to address key components including deployment across multiple devices and business areas, security, device management and offer critical infrastructure services such as e-mail…”

“…the businesses that truly plan to embrace the remote worker phenomenon fully will be extending their business logic, the rules that express business policy, to users via corporate mobile …

iBOLT Integration Demos on YouTube

I recently asked my Marketing Manager to create a number of videos to demo the iBOLT integration solution. At first, she had no idea how she was going to condense a demonstration of this tool into a set of short two and half minute videos, but she managed it.Take a look and let me know what you think.

Below you’ll find lesson one. You’ll be able to view the whole set of videos straight from YouTube. Hope you enjoy her attempts at a posh English accent! It took several takes to get that just right!



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