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Advertising on London transport has been around for years. I definitely remember the huge Wonder Bra advert on the back of London’s buses and have you all seen the new multimedia advertising screens on the tube? It’s all about eye catching advertising, but I bet you didn’t know that it’s a logistical nightmare to run and manage all these advertisements. It isn’t a simple case of sticking an advertisement on a bill board; the right advertising needs to reach the right audience. Companies pay huge sums of money to secure these highly sort after spaces. The last thing you want is to appear twice in one place, or worse still, next to a competitor! CBS Outdoor are the people behind all the advertisements you see, but did you know they use Magic Software’s application platform (uniPaaS) to provide a multi-channel usage strategy to their users.

CXO asked me to comment for their latest magazine on the Cloud Application Revolution and how developing applications for this medium using and end-to-end platform can save business both time and money.

RIA apps provide the best of both worlds by offering fully interactive (desktop-style) business applications that can be installed on a central location and are accessible anywhere through the cloud. So how are popular solution technologies today currently delivering rich client applications – let’s have a look…

I recently asked my Marketing Manager to create a number of videos to demo the iBOLT integration solution. At first, she had no idea how she was going to condense a demonstration of this tool into a set of short two and half minute videos, but she managed it.Take a look and let me know what you think.

Below you’ll find lesson one. You’ll be able to view the whole set of videos straight from YouTube. Hope you enjoy her attempts at a posh English accent! It took several takes to get that just right!