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uniPaaS Jet; The Future of Application Development?

The much anticipated uniPaaS Jet has been released for general consumption and the response has been overwhelming with hundreds of downloads per day. In this post I wanted to run through what exactly uniPaaS Jet is, why I see it as the future of application development, and to ask you for your feedback and experiences using it so far.

So what is uniPaaS Jet? well the marketing blurb says its a “FREE Single-user edition of the world’s fastest and most powerful tool for building and deploying applications”, what this means is that it is a free single user development and …

Magic Software at the Business Cloud Summit

As you know we recently exhibited at the Business Cloud Summit in London on November 30th and despite the weather and the tube closures the event seemed to go very well. Numbers were slightly down on last year, well actually significantly down, but despite this the Magic Software stand was busy throughout the day.

Our booth at the Business Cloud Summit

One of the key questions that arose again and again throughout the day was, how do I begin to get my applications to the cloud?, this was a huge area of concern and misunderstanding especially when it came to …

Come join us at the Business Cloud Summit November 30th

We will be exhibiting at the Business Cloud Summit next week and I wanted to extend the invitation to you all to come and join us. This year we will be in booth number B2 which is part of the iBar and will be offering free one on one consultations on the following topics;

How to develop your application to the Cloud
The Hybrid Cloud computing model with on and off premise
The Hybrid Cloud computing model in cloud and on mobile
ERP deployment to mobile
If you have already regsitered to attend why not register for your free consultation …

RIM launches Blackberry Application Platform and draws battle lines

It seems the folks at Research in Motion (RIM) have been busy over the last few months as they announced yesterday, at Blackberry Devcon 2010, both their Application Platform for Blackberry development called WebWorks and Playbook, their answer to iPad. The announcements were heralded as “one of the most exciting times in our history” by RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis but in real terms how will these announcements affect the smart phone market, and the future of development for mobile devices?

Blackberry is undoubtedly the market leader in the UK business sector, for smart phones and RIM are heralding their …

Freedom Through The Hybrid Cloud

2009 was definitely the year of cloud-education, although many companies are still prudent to act on the cloud. This prudence is born from a number of issues, such as where to start, security risks, organization readiness and lack of standards and industry consensus. We also learned that some enterprises see the utilization of cloud environments verses their own internal environments as an “either or” concept. However, this does not necessarily need to be the case. For many companies the number one reason for moving to the cloud is for economic benefit. Other reasons such as, simplicity, connectivity with remote users, …

How relevant are pure-cloud platforms for the real business world?

At the end of 2009, Magic Software attended the Business Cloud 9 Summit and as a result, I was recently asked by them to provide an industry view for an article debating the relevance of pure-cloud platforms in the ‘real business world’. The article looks at the issues currently facing ISV’s looking to deploy on multiple platforms and how best to achieve this.

Ultimately, the article debates the cost effectiveness for ISV’s of continuing to develop for on-premise (client/server) applications against the new breed of Cloud applications, and also highlights the benefits of using hybrid-SEAP platforms, such as Magic Software’s …

Magic Software is “On the Radar”

A while ago I met with Bola Rotibi the Principal IT Analyst at MWD Advisors to talk about Magic Software, our products, who they’re geared to and what the vision is for Magic Software in the future.

Ms Rotibi asked some hard-hitting questions, which included areas for improvement and explored why Magic Software’s uniPaaS is seen as a new breed of application platform. Here’s a snippet of the article, which I recommend taking a look at – it makes for an interesting read.

Why is uniPaaS interesting?

“As an application platform, uniPaaS is part of the new wave of what

Magic Software UK Christmas Newsletter is Here!

Welcome to Magic UK’s last newsletter for 2009 – The Christmas edition of the Magic Software UK quarterly newsletter.
This year has been a particularly challenging one, with many economic adversities for us all to overcome. It’s also been one of the most exciting years I can remember. 2009 has seen many advances in the IT industry with the rise of Cloud-based computing and the innovation and change this is bringing to the way we work, socialise and communicate with those around us. Magic Software has been at the forefront of this innovation with the developments in uniPaaS Cloud and …

The Thin & Thick Client Conundrum

I started working with computers over 20 years ago. I have been working with mainframe systems, digital (does anyone remember them today?), PCs on DOS, Windows, AS/400, Solaris, AIX, Linux and Internet technology – you name it I’ve probably at one point of time played with it: From coding assembly on 3270 machines to using uniPaaS on a virtual environment and simulating multi-tenancy issues with Magic Software latest SaaS offering.

One of the issues that I kept noticing and over my 20 years experience that kept popping-up , each time in a different way, shape or forum, was “the client …

Do you remember that great Wonder Bra advert on London’s Buses?

Advertising on London transport has been around for years. I definitely remember the huge Wonder Bra advert on the back of London’s buses and have you all seen the new multimedia advertising screens on the tube? It’s all about eye catching advertising, but I bet you didn’t know that it’s a logistical nightmare to run and manage all these advertisements. It isn’t a simple case of sticking an advertisement on a bill board; the right advertising needs to reach the right audience. Companies pay huge sums of money to secure these highly sort after spaces. The last thing you want …

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