iPhone 4S- the actuality

Today has been the ultimate come down, if yesterday I was a kid at Christmas, today I have sugar withdrawals. Why so low, you may ask, well its simple, yesterday I eagerly awaited the announcement of the iPhone 5 today I know now we will only see the iPhone4S.  For me this has been a letdown I really wanted a new look and feel phone and have been given instead a revamp. We must, however, work with what we have been given though so as I promised yesterday lets run through what the 4S will bring.

So you may remember I wished for heavier processing power, a change in screen size, signal and battery life improvements. Well it would seem that almost all of my wishes came true the iPhone 4S features the following changes;
•    a new dual core A5 chip promising 2 times faster processing power
•    a new camera with 8 megapixels and new optics
•    iOS5 which boasts 200 new features
•    Siri which allows you to interact with your phone using just your voice
•    Two antennas which logically switches between  both for receiving and making calls

 Apple – Introducing iPhone 4S

Why then, you might ask do I feel so blue. Well, what I have discovered is that more than anything else I wanted a new iPhone, a totally new generation that would revolutionise the market and set Apple’s competitors a real challenge. Instead I feel we have gotten a project which was half finished a revolutionised inside but within a traditional shell. I wish Apple could have managed a completely new device but fear now we will have to wait for this until next June , when Apple traditionally launch new products . Am I just being greedy? Do I expect too much? Well maybe. Does this mean I won’t buy the 4S? Probably not but I can say for sure I won’t be one of those cold bodies outside the Apple Store on the launch date, it take more than a revolutionised inside to get me to sleep outside!!!