Magic at the Blackberry Innovation Forum

I am delighted to announce that we at Magic Software will be sponsoring, and exhibiting at, the upcoming  Blackberry Innovation forum  in London on October 12th. This event is one in a series which are being held by Research in Motion across the globe, the idea behind these events being to bring together business leaders and mobile innovators who want to empower businesses to deliver genuine customer value.

I am really looking forward to the event as I can’t wait to see what the key thinkers in the world of enterprise mobility see for the future. Speaker sessions that stand out to me include “Consumerisation of mobile in business”, “Tablets – not just a bigger screen” and “Mobile Migration to the Cloud”. While key sessions like this do give us great insight into what the professionals say, I always find that the informal chats I have at our booth at these things far more illuminating. It really helps me get a handle on where people are in adopting a mobile strategy, where enterprise mobilisation is today and where it is headed. If you are attending the forum do feel free to pop by and share your thoughts.

Magic Software has been invited to become involved in the event to showcase our mobile solution. For those of you not in the know, in a nutshell, this solution is an application platform for seamless mobilisation of core business applications on any smartphone. At the event we will be offering one on one meetings to discuss our solution, providing live demonstrations. We will also be discussing the attendees requirements for development and deployment of mobile business applications. As always during the event my colleagues and I will be demonstrating how to mobilise existing business applications with enterprise mobile mash-up.

To book a meeting with a Magic Software mobile expert at the event please click here. Of course I shall be blogging to you live from the event as usual so watch this space for updates.