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Are patents and law suits holding the mobile market back?

It seems that we are constantly barraged with information on law suits wars in the world of the mobile. This week alone we have seen Apple granted a patent on unlocking a Smartphone or tablet using a touchscreen gesture and Amazon reveal that 11 companies have filed patent lawsuits against it since the start of the year. Whilst Motorola. Nokia, HTC, Apple, Google, Research in Motion and Samsung are all involved in lawsuits relating to their mobile offerings. The list of who is suing who is extensive, the BBC recently produced a great clickable image which showed the extent of …

How Apple changed the world

Regular readers of my blog will know that I am an Apple lover, I have made no bones about the fact that more and more every day I rely on both my iPad and my iPhone. With the premature recent passing of Steve Jobs I really started to think about the influence that he, and Apple, had on the world today.  Apple is no longer just a company or a brand, Job’s worked tirelessly to see it become the most influential company in the world today. Why do I say this? Well to put it quite simply Apple has

Computing video – Enterprise use of mobile mash up

Just a quick update to let you know the video, which I mentioned a few weeks ago,of my interview with Stuart Sumner at Computing is now live on their website. The video shows Magic Software’s Mobile offering being used to pull information from both and Oracle’s JD Edwards onto a mobile device where it is then presented on one screen. Any changes made to this mission-critical data are then automatically and in real-time applied to each system, which ultimately saves on manpower, strongly reducing the possibility of human error and giving better business insight.

Hope you find this useful, would …

Three indicators we are on course to a technology bubble!

Very recently I had a long chat with a fellow tweeter on the subject of technology bubbles, and whether we are entering a new one or not. This subject has received a lot of press coverage recently but I wanted to share with you my thoughts and what I believe to be the three key indicators that we are entering, or are already in, a technology bubble.

1)      Lack of a single pervading paradigm

What do I mean by this? For many, many years Microsoft was the incumbent technology in the vast majority of organisations, and to be honest their …

Update from the Blackberry Innovation Forum- London

I was a very nervous man this morning when I boarded the 6am train to London en-route to the Blackberry Innovation Forum. The source of my nerves was, of course, the issues that RIM and Blackberry have been having over the past few days with downtime. As you know the problems persist a fact that was confirmed by a very apologetic opening speech but RIM promise this will soon be addressed, we at Magic have made the most of it and soldiered on with our own demonstrations. Despite the circumstances the event itself is very busy with Blackberry Enterprise customers …

iPhone 4S- the actuality

Today has been the ultimate come down, if yesterday I was a kid at Christmas, today I have sugar withdrawals. Why so low, you may ask, well its simple, yesterday I eagerly awaited the announcement of the iPhone 5 today I know now we will only see the iPhone4S.  For me this has been a letdown I really wanted a new look and feel phone and have been given instead a revamp. We must, however, work with what we have been given though so as I promised yesterday lets run through what the 4S will bring.

So you may remember …

iPhone 5- what lies in store?

It’s finally here, October 4th and I am like a kid at Christmas, as many of you will know I am a big fan of the iPhone and today is the day of the Apple press conference, where I am hoping they will announce the launch of the iPhone5. The net is abuzz with rumours of what the phone will look like and what changes will be made. Here’s what I am hoping we will see, don’t forget I have no insider information but am just sharing my wish list and tomorrows let’s see how right or wrong I am.…

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