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Don’t be afraid of the Cloud this Halloween…

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Turning Smaller Software Vendors into Sales Machines

How competitive are marketplaces today? How can a Software Vendor differentiate itself? How can Software Vendors win new competition?

Today more than ever Software Vendors feel the need to keep their heads above water, while still preparing for innovation, expanding market share and building competitive advantage. Lets also not forget how consolidated the application market is becoming. How big giants such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and so on, are dominating the market. Many ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) previously adopted the strategy of “walking between the elephant’s legs”, but now with the rise of Cloud applications, one avenue worth exploring is …

The Thin & Thick Client Conundrum

I started working with computers over 20 years ago. I have been working with mainframe systems, digital (does anyone remember them today?), PCs on DOS, Windows, AS/400, Solaris, AIX, Linux and Internet technology – you name it I’ve probably at one point of time played with it: From coding assembly on 3270 machines to using uniPaaS on a virtual environment and simulating multi-tenancy issues with Magic Software latest SaaS offering.

One of the issues that I kept noticing and over my 20 years experience that kept popping-up , each time in a different way, shape or forum, was “the client …

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